121 FITNESS JAPAN method is built
based on science, theory, achievement.
Let us introduce evidence that supports evident grounds and effects.

What is the scientific method of 121 FITNESS JAPAN?
Systematization of excellent knowledge in the world and analysis of about 30,000 data
Probability method that establishes reproducibility

121 FITNESS JAPAN method has systematized excellent world findings such as anatomy, kinematics mechanics, physiology, nutrition, and succeeded in developing a method to "commit to the result" by analyzing data of about 30,000 people. We will continue to provide comprehensive management that verifies and improves data, scientific knowledge and even medical knowledge will improve the accuracy of the method, become a proprietary method that will lead the way, and ensure that each person is connected to the results. Its core know-how is 3M. Management, Mental and Mind. We support from the inside of the guest with three approaches, and overcome various psychological barriers.

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