Concept of 121 FITNESS JAPAN

Commit to the results

121 FITNESS JAPAN is quite different from regular personal training gym. We are commit to the results for the customer wants to fulfill.
We will continue to push forward to achieve the world's top bodymaking.
We will set the goal for weight loss through counseling and determine the limit value according to the physique, weight and constitution of the individual.

For those who don’t want to follow alone
One-to-one training in a fully-private room


The reason why dieting is not successful

"It is tight and I will give up"
"The goal is difficult to understand, I will quit unfamiliarly"
"Weight does not change, I lose motivation"

Doesn't some people think like that?
It is very difficult to discipline yourself.
121 FITNESS JAPAN is different because we understands the importance of a good support system. With an in-house professional motivator to offer you support and advice throughout your journey, you will find the strength to attain your targeted body goals in no time.


For continuing without getting stuck
Teaching meals based on "nutrition"


Most of those who have succeeded in dieting through 121 FITNESS JAPAN as well as getting the ideal body, it is also the best wealth of life.

Nutrition Support
Your personal trainer will monitor and provide you advice on your dietary intake for every single meal during your program. You will be provided with information on foods and their nutritional values, which will aid in your daily choice of meals. Also, you will be surprised at the amount and variety of foods you can enjoy on 121 FITNESS JAPAN's diet plan!

No starving and food limitations.
121 FITNESS JAPAN believes in a well-balanced diet that is sustainable in the long run. This means that you can have a good balance of vegetables, meat and fish in all your three daily meals!

We start with confidence
30-days full refund guarantee system


At the start we will set goals for results with us and our customers,
We will work toward achieving the goal.
For the period up to 30 days after the start of the program, it will be the 30-days full refund guarantee period. If nothing changes in your body,
we will be happy to refund the full amount.
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